Some of Unforgettable Things I had in Russia

Well anyway, This post is more into some of things that I can’t forget and some culture-shock that I had during my time in Russia.

NO RICE! But this potato irreplaceable . .


Left-My well cooked egg Right-Disgusting Jenya’s egg. hahaha


The Farewell Party was just started at this time, at night. Just started


My Everyday lunch. everyday.


Ice-Statue in City Central Park. And never ever be melt.




Bella’s family invited me to go to their house for dinner 🙂


Can I did that? Don’t ask, please.


It is just so lucky to stand with those shoes for 5 minutes


The one and only mosque in Krasnoyarsk :’)



So different, right?
Going abroad is just the way you love your country more and more.
See the difference, love your country and GOING ABROAD!!
You will never ever know till you experience it yourself.

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