A Thought if You Have Enjoying Your Trip Enough?

Earlier I just finished my trip to Europe. My intention to go to Europe is not for traveling. Well, maybe a bit of it, but really I was there because I applied to this awesome summer school program in Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands for a week, but I am not going to talk about it now.

I paid a lot for my visa and flight ticket. Wait, I didn’t pay for it my mom does, so let me rephrase this. My mom paid a lot for my visa and flight ticket, so one week is not worth it. I decided to extend for another two weeks to explore other countries too listed under EU with my Schengen Visa. I have planned where I want to go and pre-booked accommodation and transportation. But more into details, I really have a flexible itinerary. I cleared all of them as something even more interesting might come up.

On my way back home, I met a friend and talked about my entire trip. In our discussion, I discovered that there are different types of ways people travel. There might be lots more than this but as my observation here is the list:

  • The Bucket-lister of the trip

This type of traveller tends to do and see certain things they have planned in a city they visit. They even make the list of places they needed to do and plan it well, so nothing is missing. For example, in Paris, there are lots of interesting places to visit from the Eiffel tower, mousse de louvre, and many more. This type of traveller make a well-planned itinerary so these interesting places visited with estimated time in a particular destination, so they know how many days they need to stay in Paris. I don’t know about you guys, but for me, if something unexpected happens, like the weather is too cloudy in Eiffel, or there is a sudden huge renovation in the museum, don’t you think it will only make you disappointed in the end? And trust me, you don’t want the feeling of disappointment comes to you while you are traveling. You deserve happiness! It’s a holiday, man!

  • The Observant of the trip

People of this type tend to enjoy the trip just by sitting on the bench in the park or cute little coffee shop and see how the city alive. Observing how people live with a cup of coffee is more interesting for them than do many things in a rush time. Sometimes, this type of person also likes the idea of enjoying the nature and sitting in the park by the lake and feels the wind or even the sun if it comes out. To be honest, I do like this idea sometimes. When I was in Venice, I booked my hostel for a couple of nights. I walked all around Venice and visiting all the sightseeing for less than 6 hours in the first day and after getting tired of walking, I decided to just sit by the lake and eat my dinner seeing a beautiful sunset in front of my hostel for a couple of hours. And it was incredible!

  • The Being Friends with Locals

I would say this type of traveller is the closest way of how I enjoy my trip. I think it’s very important for everyone to get to know the locals just by saying hello and have a little chit-chat with them. Before I went to Paris, everyone said that Parisians are rude and cold. But if you really meet them and get to know them, they really are nice! When I was there, I was invited by a Parisian guy to have dinner in his flat with some other people too and have a really nice conversation until 2 a.m! All those stigmas are broken down right away as I said they were actually nice and easygoing. But so far, I was amazed by their kindness. 

I can only list three types, but I need your opinion if I miss something.

So, how do you enjoy your trip? Tell me!

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