6 Unbelievable Journey in 2017

Who would’ve thought I finally am going to a journey by seeing an Eiffel tower, meet cool people in Nijmegen, reunited with Jamie (Korean friend of mine), making new friends in Rome and experiencing 6 hours free trip around Istanbul in 2017? I wouldn’t. Not to mention, having a 5 days trip to Thailand in three different places and not to worry about getting a food coma. This year is not only about the destination but also the journey of meeting both the new and the old people. But most importantly, the journey of getting to know me better. So, here’s what I have been done in 2017 that I would never think actually happened.

1. Having the Spiritual Journey by doing Umroh in Saudi Arabia

It was all planned by my parents in 2016. Everything has been prepared and we departed by the beginning of 2017. This wasn’t really an adventurous journey like I usually did, instead, this was a spiritual journey to get a deeper understanding of my own faith and why I believe what I believe. I didn’t do much during the trip. The whole 10 days I spent praying and reading Quran. Sounds boring to think about it, but to actually doing it with all Moslem all around the world, it was quite an experience.

2. Climbing a Mountain in Bali, oh, and alone!

I was in Ubud for a week to collect data for my research. Turns out, I finished collecting it in for only a couple of days. So I decided to look for fun things I can do for the rest of my stay in Bali. So many suggestions and ‘Sunrise in Mount Batur’ always came up. I did a little research on how to get there without paying too much or being a part of any travel agents. If you are local, you can definitely do it. Even the ticketing guy was surprised there was a local climbing a mountain and paying the ticket in the first place. It was tiring indeed and I didn’t prepare anything for this. I wear a slip-on shoe which certainly a bad idea. But once I made it to the top, it was all worth it!

3. The Coming back journey to Thailand

Thailand has always been my favorite place to visit ever! The food, culture, people, never get enough of it. So, yes, I came back to Thailand in 2017 and this time I accompanied by three ladies and we definitely had so much fun. Check out my detail on a Thai trip here.

4. Reunited with long-lost sister in Singapore

This year is not only about the destination, but also the people. Jamie is my Korean friend I met when I did a voluntary project in Srisaket, Thailand. We were close as we lived near one to each other back in Thailand. We shared almost everything and still catching up on skype sometimes. She once told me she moved to Singapore to continue her study. Until I booked my flight to Thailand and had an overnight layover in Singapore, I decided to meet her and recalling all the good memories in Thailand. It was a lot of fun meeting her and hoping to meet again sometime soon!

5. Making lots of new friends in Europe

At the end of 2016, I decided to apply to one of Summer School program in Europe. Radboud University Summer School in Nijmegen, The Netherlands is my decision. For the first time, I finally make my way to do a Europe trip! As I felt like flying 15 hours and only stayed in one country is such a waste of everyone’s time, I booked some trip to go to Paris and Italy (Rome, Pisa, and Venice).

6. Free journey in Istanbul

As I was flying to The Netherlands with Turkish Airlines and lay-over in Istanbul for more than 6 hours, I got the chance to have a free six hours free trip to get around Istanbul. It called Touristanbul. It was all free and we got a free meal too by the end of our trip!

That’s it. Thank you, 2017! Looking forward to exploring more the next year ahead. So, what was your most exciting journey in 2017?


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