Singapore for 3 Days and Things You Should Do

Singapore has a lot to offer and luckily, some attractions are free, too! Right after I went around Malaysia for four days, I decided to go to Singapore for three days departed from Woodlands. Here what we do for the whole three days:

Day 1 Free Attractions in Singapore

After arriving in Singapore via Woodlands, we took the bus and MRT immediately to our hostel in Chinatown. After checked-in and rested a little while, we decided to take lunch around Chinatown and explore free attractions. First, we took MRT to the Raffles Place. We walked to the Merlion Park and took some pictures there.

Merlion Statue

At almost sunset, we took a walk to Marina Bay Sands to watch the light show. It was incredible and most importantly, free!

Marina Bay Sands at night
The Marina Bay Sands show

As the night still young and the light show was over, we decided to go to the Gardens by The Bay. As soon as we arrived, a couple of minutes later, there was an announcement that there will be a show. We didn’t have any idea that there would be another free show there! We are truly blessed that day. One of the songs they played also an Indonesian song called “Bengawan Solo”.

Gardens by The Bay

Day 2 Explore Sentosa: Universal Studio Singapore

On the second day, we were finally to a place we meant to go, Universal Studio Singapore! As we are so tight on budget, we really embraced our tourist pass access possible. Tourists pass is a great deal if you are in Singapore for 3 days. Although, it cannot be used for Sentosa Express from Vivocity. So, we took the buses, we only need to transit once and we are set.

Marilyn Monroe

Day 3 Science and Shopping

Last day is all about getting to shop and the Art Science Museum. I didn’t take much of pictures that day, but I sure did a lot of fun. As I had not been graduated yet that day, I was asking the guy in ticketing if I can have a student discount by showing him my student card. Guess what, I get 5 SGD off!

If you are wondering where to buy cheap souvenirs, you might want to consider these options:

  • Little India
  • Chinatown
  • Arab Street

Tips: Get yourself The Singapore Tourist Pass if you plan to stay in Singapore for 3 days. It saves a lot of your money on transportation. There are some special deals, too. Go check out their website for more info.

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