Alternative Weekend Gateway from Jakarta to Ranca Upas with Explorer

For someone who works in the city, especially Jakarta, craving to have a beautiful escape in the weekend is a non-negotiable term. Unfortunately, there are not many options we can go except to a shopping mall. So, that day, we decided on making a plan to spend the weekend somewhere non-mall related and we decided to take an open trip to Ranca Upas.

Ranca Upas is located in Ciwidey, Bandung, West Java. It took us 3,5 hours from Jakarta. We book the open trip from explorer. It was simple and everything is arranged from booking to the payment through the app. Everything you need to know about the trip is explained well in the app-description.

We booked a sunrise tour, so to make sure we can arrive exactly at sunrise, the trip was started by midnight in front of Indomaret near Central Park Mall. There was already a bus waiting for us and staff from the explorer team. As I get into the bus I saw the bus was already full, almost no seats left. I guess, Jakartans in an immediate need of the new alternative not-a-shopping-mall weekend.

There’s not much to do except having asleep on our way to Ranca Upas as it’s still dark outside, but as soon as we arrived, the fresh cold air greeted us so perfectly. The stomach is craved for something warm to eat, so we got into the stalls and have ourselves a bowl of instant noodle soup along with some snacks.

A full stomach and excitement are ready to explore what Ranca Upas has to offer. First stop is a Deer Sanctuary where we can feed deers with IDR 10,000 worth of vegetables. They can get quite aggressive sometimes so you might want to be careful a little. Just behave well, and not getting too exploitive to them.

Ranca Upas Camping Ground

The second stop is the camping ground. There are a lot of people camping here. The view was stunning by the sun shined through touching the ground so perfectly. Exactly how Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick Song ‘True Colours’ describe in the lyrics lol. After a few photographs later, we moved on to the next stop: streetfoods!

Bandung is the best for its streetfoods snacks. There are plenty of options you can have around Ranca Upas areas such as Cilok (chewy snack balls with peanut sauce), Jagung Susu Keju (corn, cheese, and condensed milk in a cup), and Bakso (meatball soup).

At 9 a.m the tour leader operator had already called us to go to the next destination: D’riam Riverside.

D’riam riverside located just half an hour away from Ranca Upas. It was basically a resort with many attractions along the river surrounded by beautiful mountains and forest. Just like in Ranca Upas, you can simply breathe in the clean air here, and more importantly, being far away from the city crowd. There are plenty of restaurant options for us to get lunch as well.

Giant Swing at D’riam Riverside

We’ve spent around 2,5 hours here and after we have our lunch, we are already getting on the bus and ready to get back to face reality in Jakarta.

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