Having The Longest Day in Venice, Italy

When I was planning my trip to Europe, I knew I was going to Venice, period. I was intrigued by the news that saying you should go to Venice before it sinks. Luckily, I found a really cheap flight ticket from Dusseldorf to Rome with only 19 Euros, winning!

I had to make a stop to Pisa and then took a train to Venice from Rome.

The more I travel the more I became a go-with-the-flow kind of traveler because no matter how well I plan a trip, something else is always come up. So I have to be able to adapt to the change. I didn’t know what to expect while traveling to Venice. After I arrived by midnight, I discover that the only thing I can do to go to my hostel that is located on the other island called Giudecca is by taking a boat taxi. The taxi costs me more than I can expect as a budget traveler. As it seems like I don’t have other options, I took the one day pass ticket.

The next day I was wandering around the city. As soon as I arrived there, the crowd of tourists dominated the view of Venice. There are a lot of cute and fancy cafes and restaurants, but there is one that caught my attention. A fancy upper-class restaurant with a taste of traditional Italian music played by a local orchestra. Just right in the open space of the city center.

I already spent way too much on my boat-taxi pass, so I decided to eat my lunch with a slice of 3 Euros Pizza. I was sitting by the edge of the bridge. A tremendous view of the lake with boats passing by every minute makes the lunch taste better. The plan was to stay in Venice for three days. After a day wandering around the city, I just realized that you don’t need three days in Venice, a day will do just fine. All the attractions in Venice are located close one to another that you can reach all of them by walk.

The next two days, I spent most of my time walking around Giudecca island or watching a TV show through my laptop in the hostel lobby. Something I can do anytime at home. At that time I think to myself, “A good company will be great at that moment”. A feeling of loneliness hits me and it feels like the time is ticking slower than I could remember.

I have spent so much of my time alone, and quite frankly, now that I think about it, there’s the beauty of it. I got the chance to experience all of it by myself and discuss what to eat or what to do with none other but myself. Sure, there are times when I feel lonely, but I didn’t regret it a bit. I get to listen to myself better.

I know it sounds scary, but if you got the chance to travel alone sometimes, grab it! You’ll learn so much more than you could’ve expected.

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